Problems using STL vectors


in my program I get weird Errors trying to compile a header that uses std::vector’s:

[code]//file lumis.h

typedef std::vector dblvec;
typedef std::vector dblvecvec;

dblvecvec lumis;

struct LumiFiller
{ lumis.resize(2); }

LumiFiller a;[/code]

trying to compile this in root 5.14, I get a Error: illegal type cast (2) _vector.h:182:

According to my STL reference, vector.resize is declared as

thus my call above shoud be evaluated as

where the default constructor of vector is declared as

template <class T, class Allocator = std::allocator<T> > class vector { vector(const Allocator& = Allocator() ); };

when calling resize() with explicit mention of std::vector(), I get a segmentation violation…

What am I doing wrong?

Has nobody a clue?

I cannot reproduce this with the current CVS, so I assume it has been fixed.
Cheers, Axel.