Problems running visscan_local.C

I’m attempting to use an event viewer, “visscan_local.C” (attached). So far, I’ve been navigating to a directory containing an AliESDEvent TTree in the file “1058/AliESDs.root” and calling

alieve visscan_local.C'("./1058",kFALSE,kTRUE,kFALSE,"<full-path>/OCDB")'


alieve visscan_local.C'("<full-path>/1058",kFALSE,kTRUE,kFALSE,"<full-path>/inst/OCDB")'
; both create an empty event-viewer window (the GUI works, but no event is displayed – just a black screen). The ROOT session created spits out the error message

CINT/ROOT C/C++ Interpreter version 5.18.00, July 2, 2010 Type ? for help. Commands must be C++ statements. Enclose multiple statements between { }. root [0] Processing visscan_local.C("/home/joroth/barak-analysis_from-chris_09112015/201511090000/1058",kFALSE,kTRUE,kFALSE,"/home/joroth/alicesw/aliroot/v5-06-28/inst/OCDB")... Error: Symbol AliEveOfflineEventManager is not defined in current scope /home/joroth/alicesw/aliroot/v5-06-28/inst/EVE/macros/visscan_init.C:69: Error: type AliEveOfflineEventManager not defined FILE:/home/joroth/alicesw/aliroot/v5-06-28/inst/EVE/macros/visscan_init.C LINE:69 *** Interpreter error recovered ***

However, “AliEveOfflineEventManager.h” is #include’d in the macro, so as far as I know CINT should know what the symbol is.

Any advice is very welcome; if more information would be helpful, I could gladly provide it.
AliEveEventManager.h (10.3 KB)
AliEveOfflineEventManager.h (413 Bytes)
visscan_init.C (16.2 KB)
visscan_local.C (532 Bytes)


is the class correctly defined in the header and the include guards consistent with the ones of the rest of the headers?
Can you actually use it in CINT in a setup simpler than the one you attach?


Everything’s good in the headers, as far as I can tell (attached to original post), but I was not able to use AliEveOfflineEventManager in a normal CINT session. I loaded the class with

, which made is useable. Now the problem is that calling the constructor of this object causes a segmentation violation, whose stack trace is below.

=========================================================== #5 TEveManager::GetListTree (this=0x0) at /home/joroth/alicesw/root/v5-34-30/src/graf3d/eve/src/TEveManager.cxx:509 #6 0x00007fc323f4bbd5 in TEveManager::AddToListTree (this=<optimized out>, re=0x2a0fd10, open=open entry=false, lt=lt entry=0x0) at /home/joroth/alicesw/root/v5-34-30/src/graf3d/eve/src/TEveManager.cxx:518 #7 0x00007fc3239fcf8a in AliEveEventManager::InitInternals (this=this entry=0x27db3e0) at /home/joroth/alicesw/aliroot/v5-06-28/src/EVE/EveBase/AliEveEventManager.cxx:222 #8 0x00007fc3239fd3a4 in AliEveEventManager::AliEveEventManager (this=0x27db3e0, name=..., ev=<optimized out>, storageManager=<optimized out>) at /home/joroth/alicesw/aliroot/v5-06-28/src/EVE/EveBase/AliEveEventManager.cxx:163 #9 0x00007fc323a2ad17 in AliEveOfflineEventManager::AliEveOfflineEventManager (this=0x27db3e0, ev=0, storageManager=<optimized out>) at /home/joroth/alicesw/aliroot/v5-06-28/src/EVE/EveBase/AliEveOfflineEventManager.cxx:12 ===========================================================

I don’t know if something outside of the code could be causing this. I don’t want to change the actual code — it’s part of an official distribution, so if it’s not working then I should update to a newer version or submit a bug report — but maybe there’s some environment setting that needs tweaking?


can we make sure that this is not something linked to the Aliroot setup?
If this is ruled out, we’ll need a reproducer for ROOT.


I can’t think of a way to tell whether or not it’s an AliROOT or ROOT problem. I’m working on getting a newer version installed now; if that doesn’t work, I’ll keep working at it and let you know if anything useful comes out.


It looks like it was probably just a version issue; I used the macro that came with the latest “master” version of AliROOT and it worked perfectly.