Problems loading shared libraries in CINT

Dear experts,

since a while I have problems loading shared libraries compiled in standalone mode using RootCore standalone makefile (attached for completeness). The library itself should be fine as it is used within analysis frameworks and no problems are observed. Now if I load the lib in CINT by gSyste->Load it first seems to work fine, but once I call any method which uses some ROOT class I get a linker error, i.e. undefined sysbol. Eg. for TFile::Open. Further everything seems to work for other colleagues. Also the problem occurs with different ROOT versions, different tools and both in CINT and pyROOT.

Has anyone an idea what could go wrong?

Many thanks in advance!



well, I don’t see it attached?


Hi Wim,

sorry, must have missed it. Anyhow the problem is solved now. One has to link explicitly
-L${ROOTSYS}/lib -lHist -lMatrix -lRIO
when the linker command is called. This somehow prevents the crash in root interactive mode. Not sure if it is supposed to behave like that.