Problems installing PROOF farm

I am opening this new thread since the last one url[/url] is not longer coherent with the thread title.

After recompiling and reinstalling PROOF, It looks like know it is working more or less, however, there are some errors. I attach the proofsimple1.txt for the next code:

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$ root -b
root [] TProof *p = TProof::Open(“”)

root [] p->SetLogLevel(2)
root [] p->Exec(".!ls -lt …")
root [] p->Load("/tmp/tutorials/proof/ProofSimple.C++")

root [] p->Exec(“ProofSimple”, 1000000)

root [] TProofLog pl = TProof::Mgr(“”)->GetSessionLogs()

root [] pl->Save("
", “proofsimple1.txt”)

It looks that there is no problem now with files which are not found. I can’t believe that the “–etcdir=$ROOTSYS/etc” is needed to have a proper installation.

The error I am obtaining right now is:

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Error: Symbol ProofSimple is not defined in current scope (tmpfile):1:
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

Is this normal?
Thanks so much!
proofsimple1.txt (284 KB)


I realize that there was a typo in my instructions, sorry.
Can you please try:

root [] p->Process("ProofSimple", 1000000)

instead of

root [] p->Exec("ProofSimple", 1000000)



Thanks so much G.

This looks ok now:

root [2] p->Process("ProofSimple", 1000000) [TProof:] Total 1000000 eventsw|====================| 100.00 % [462962.9 evts/s] Mst-0: merging output objects ... done Mst-0: grand total: sent 107 objects, size: 93530 bytes (Long64_t)0

Is there any other more complete test which you think I could make to find any other possible problems?

Thanks so much!