Problems installing garfield++

Hello everyone, i’m trying to install garfield++ on my pc with Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS.
Using the make command I receive the following error:

/home/roberto/garfield/Object/AvalancheMC.o In file included from /home/roberto/garfield/Include/AvalancheMC.hh:8:0, from /home/roberto/garfield/Source/ /home/roberto/garfield/Include/ViewDrift.hh:7:25: fatal error: TPolyLine3D.h: File o directory non esistente #include <TPolyLine3D.h> ^ compilation terminated. make: *** [/home/roberto/garfield/Object/AvalancheMC.o] Errore 1
Can anyone help me?


We are no garfield specialists. But my assumption is that you have an incompatible (too old) version of ROOT. Please contact the garfield people to find out what you need.

Cheers, Axel.

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