Problems in building software in docker ROOT container

Hi all,

I am investigating some issues in the CI pipeline we have for our software, which is based on ROOT. We have two pipelines, based on docker images:

  • The first uses the mambaforge conda image, installs the most recent ROOT via conda and then builds our software. This works fine.
  • the second uses the official ROOT docker image (rootproject/root:latest, i.e. 6.30.02) and builds directly the software

The latter recently started giving compilation errors when building our software. These below are the issues I found, that in the conda installation of ROOT I do not see:

  • the nlohmann JSON package is not available (solvable by running apt install -y nlohmann-json3-dev in the container)
  • the VDT library is not installed (solvable by installing it following the instruction at GitHub - dpiparo/vdt)
  • most strikingly, the compilation gives as error fatal error: Math/Polynomial.h: No such file or directory. I checked into the directory /opt/root/include/Math` and indeed the file is not there

I checked with ldconfig -p | grep gsl and the GSL library is there, but it seems that ROOT was not built with the mathmore option. If so, this I cannot solve myself, I tried to search for a solution but could not find one.

Do you have suggestions on how to proceed?


As complement to my previous message, indeed ROOT was built without mathmore in the container:

root@e26b8edc6d61:/opt/root/include/Math root-config --features
cxx17 asimage builtin_clang builtin_cling builtin_llvm builtin_openui5 builtin_vdt clad dataframe test_distrdf_pyspark test_distrdf_dask davix fitsio gdml http mlp minuit2 mysql opengl pgsql proof pyroot roofit webgui root7 rpath runtime_cxxmodules shared sqlite ssl tmva tmva-pymva spectrum vdt x11 xml xrootd

see related issues:

most have been solved in the meanwhile, so hopefully 6.30.04 will work.

Thanks @ferhue , my bad on not checking properly past posts… I will set this as completed and wait for the next release. Thank you for your help!


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