Problems finding libraries when building v4.04.02b, 64 bit

Hi everybody. I’m trying to build v4.04.02b on a 64 bit running RHEL3 (with PyROOT). I issue the following configure command:

./configure --enable-mysql --enable-opengl --enable-python --enable-explicitlink --with-python-incdir=/opt/icecube/tools/python-2.3/Linux-x86_64/include --with-python-libdir=/opt/icecube/tools/python-2.3/Linux-x86_64/lib/python2.3/config

And get the following output when it looks for libraries:

Checking for libshift, shiftmd, or shift … no
Checking for libpacklib, packmd, or packlib … no
Checking for libkernlib, kernmd, or kernlib … no

Checking for Python.h … no
Checking for libpython2.4, libpython2.3, libpython2.2, python24, python23, or Python … no

If I go to $CERNLIB, I find that libpacklib.a and libkernlib.a are indeed there. And if I go to the directories specified by the python incdir and the python libdir I find both Python.h and libpython2.3.a. What could be going on here? Why isn’t it finding what it needs? Thanks…