Problems configuring ROOT (Latest) for centos7 from cvmfs

Dear experts,
I am having troubles configuring ROOT from cvmfs, I am following the

instructions here:


and I do

source /cvmfs/

because I am doing it from a VM with centos7, but it does not include

ROOT in my PATH and apparently does not include the Python module in

PYTHONPATH, I was having a look at the script, and I might have found

the problem, but please double check because I did just a quick check:

in line 9 you do :

thisdir=(cd "(dirname “${SOURCE}”)"; pwd)

which is ok because this is the directory where root is, but then in

line 11 you redefine that variable to:

thisdir=$(python -c "import os,sys;

print(os.path.realpath(os.path.expanduser(sys.argv[1])))" {thisdir})

point it to where python is, then when you do (in line 18-21):

18 if [ -z "{PATH}" ]; then
19 PATH={thisdir}/bin; export PATH
20 else$
21 PATH=${thisdir}/bin:PATH; export PATH
22 fi$

it does not include the right bin directory in the PATH because points to the python one, not to the ROOT one.

but as I said I did a quick check, I might be wrong.

Best regards!!


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ROOT Version: Latest
Platform: Centos7

What shell do you use (sh, bash, csh, zsh, something else)?

Sorry I forgot that important detail: echo $SHELL : bash