Problems compiling library in AliRoot

Hi, I added my own library in Aliroot and can’t get it to compile . It’s added in the Linkdef files and the Makefile but I get the following error:

Error: Unexpected EOF G__fgetstream():2 FILE:STEER/AliGammaReconstruction.h LINE:51
Advice: You may need to use +P or -p option
Syntax Error: Maybe missing ‘;’ FILE:STEER/AliGammaReconstruction.h LINE:51
Warning: Error occured during reading source files
Warning: Error occured during dictionary source generation

using +P or -p didn’t help.


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Error: Unexpected EOF G__fgetstream():2 >FILE:STEER/AliGammaReconstruction.h LINE:51
Advice: You may need to use +P or -p option

Will you check AliGammaReconstruction.h LINE:51? Is there legel, yet complicated C++ description? If so, could you simplify that?

Thank you
Masa Goto