Problems accepting callback


I am new in proof and I want to setup a cluster of proof including one master and 3 workers , I setup based on the documentation, when I try from one client I see the following error in log file on the master.

xpd-E: marabgol.10617:28@gluon: ProofServMgr::Create: problems accepting callback: process killed - pid: 9642

I really appreciate any help,



It could a problem with directory permissions.
Could you please post the xproofd configuration file?
Which ROOT version are you using?

G. Ganis

Hi Ganis,

I am sorry for delay reply, I was not informed that I have received your answer,
I gave 777 on /tmp/admin and it solves the problem.

Now I have another problem sometime:

130705 10:54:23 12741 xpd-E: marabgol.5472:9@gluon: ProofServMgr::Create: failure setting up proofserv: timed-out receiving status-of-setup from pipe|log:/tmp/proofbox/marabgol/session-proof-00-1373036043-17629/master-0-proof-00-1373036043-17629.log
130705 10:54:23 12741 xpd-I: ProofServ::SetAdminPath: creation/assertion of the status path /tmp/admin/.xproofd.1093/activesessions/marabgol.default.17633.status was successful!
130705 10:54:23 12741 xpd-E: ProofServ::CreateUNIXSock: unable to create path: /tmp/admin/.xproofd.1093/socks/xpd.1093.17633
130705 10:54:23 12741 xpd-E: marabgol.5472:9@gluon: ProofServMgr::Create: failure creating UNIX socket on /tmp/admin/.xproofd.1093/socks/xpd.1093.17633

which with deleting /creating /tmp/admin and and restarting xproofd the error will be gone.

the root version is 5.28/00g

the is attached
Thanks for your reply and help