Problems about SetPeriodicity in ComponentAnalyticField

在Examples/AliceTPC中,the periodicity (wire spacing) (both in sense wires and cathode wires)is same(0.25cm).As the following code shows

constexpr double period = 0.25;

If I want to set the wire spacing between the sense wire is 0.2cm ( PeriodicityX ), the wire spacing between the cathode wires is 0.3cm ( PeriodicityX ), how should I modify the code?

I’m sure @hschindl will be able to help you

the function SetPeriodicityX sets the periodic length of the geometry as a whole, which is not necessarily the same as the wire spacing. In your case you could define an elementary cell that has two cathode wires and three sense wires, and a periodicity of 0.6 cm.

got it! thank you very much.

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