Problem X11 library MAC OS 10.8.5


I use the following configuration :
MACOS 10.8.5,
XCode ( 5.0) with developer tools
Xquartz, (2.7.4)

I already compile root few month ago (5.34/05) , it works fine…

Unfortunatly I forgot to include minuit2 in my last compilation…

so I try to recompile root with muinuit2…

but …

[quote]Checking for source directory … /scratch/mouginot/App/local/root
Configuring for macosx64
Checking for Fink/MacPorts directory … /sw
Checking for GNU Make version >= 3.80 … ok
Checking for C compiler … clang
Checking for C++ compiler … clang++
Checking for linker (LD) … clang++
Checking for F77 compiler … gfortran
Checking for libX11 … no
configure: libX11 MUST be installed

I try to uninstall xquartz, and reinstall it…
to force the path for X11 library : --with-x11-libdir=/opt/X11/lib/ (or /usr/X11/lib/ - same path with a symb-lync)
to get the last version of root (5.34/10) but nothing works…

did anyone have any idea to allow me to compile root with minuit2 ? (my previous compilation is still working… )

thx in advance