Problem writing to xrootd from root

Hi experts,

A colleague has encountered problems when writing to a xrootd file, from a root program. His message is below. If he is wrong or right, or if the problem is well known, please let me know.




I had a look into the problem writing to xrootd from root. I used the ROOT release 5.18.00b and as far as I can tell it is sort of working. It looks to me that the flags for the Open call are wrong:

  1. RECREATE does not overwrite an existing file, the same flags as NEW
    are passed to xrootd.

  2. RECREATE and NEW don’t use the proper flag and therefore a missing
    directory path is not created which causes the open to fail. For
    xrdcp missing pieces of the path are automatically created.

I guess this is something we might have to ask the root people about.


your colleague is right. We had a patch for that which was delayed for a while, and finally found its way to the trunk. As far as I can tell it should work with the upcoming release of TXNetFile, because I found the same problem at some point.
Please keep me informed when your colleague tests it against the upcoming version.


to be more precise, the upcoming version 5.19/04 is scheduled for tomorrow 14 may




this is now also fixed in the trunk of the v5-18-00-patches branch.

Cheers, Fons.

Are these the same fixes that are available in the version of xrootd that we obtained last week: 20080508 ?
And are there any plans to tag the HEAD of the v5-18-00-patches branch?


This are only changes in TXNetFile, i.e. the client side. There will be a tag later this week (seeing the number of fixes now in the patches trunk).

Cheers, Fons.

Ah - that’s the bit I failed to realize. Ok. For GLAST we are very interested in a tag of the v5-18-00-patches branch so we can use it for our upcoming data processing after launch.

Take care,

Hi Heather,

I’ll make the release tomorrow.

Cheers, Fons.