Problem with wcscmp

Dear Rooters

I need to parse a binary file containing a mixture of strings and Unicode strings.
Currently, I am writing a macro to test my code and experience the following problem:

if (wcscmp(aname.value, L"dat-header") == 0) {}

results in the following error:

Error: Variable name has bad character 'L"dat-header"' macroRead.C:1174:
Error: Symbol L"dat-header" is not defined in current scope  macroRead.C:1174:
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

However, when I compile the macro with ACLiC everything is ok.
Interstingly, CINT has no problem with e.g. function wcstombs.

Is this a known problem?

Best regards

Hi Christian,

CINT does not support wide-character string literals yet. You are very welcome to change that; I can point you to where this needs to be implemented.

Cheers, Axel.

Dear Axel

Sadly, this is beyond my possibilities, I have enough to do developing my own program.

Best regards