Problem with TTree->Draw()!?

So here is the plot of a data using TGraph and TTree. I don’t understand what are those spikes on the curve?

I am afraid that we cannot do much without having a small data file and the command generating your plot> It could be just a binning effect.


Thanks for reply. Here is the data. The commands also are as following:

TTree t;

TGraph tg(“DD_WS.txt”);
DD_WS.txt (965 Bytes)

What you observe is a simple binning effect due to your x values.
You can solve the problem by forcing the range as follows

TTree t; t.ReadFile("DD_WS.txt","x/D:y/D"); t.Draw("x>>h(100,0,100)","y","C"); or

TGraph g("DD_WS.txt"); g.Draw("ac");

Thanks man.