Problem with TRootEmbeddedCanvas

I have developed an application using the TGWindow and derived class for the development of the GUI and using the TRootEmbeddedCanvas for embedding the TH* hierarchy.
But I have a big problem when I use the contextual menu of the TH* classes. In particular, when I choose some commands from the contextual menu as “Fit” or the various Set* (“SetMaximum”, “SetTitle” and so on) the data input window that appears is partially out of the screen. This means that I’m able to see only a part of the data input window, and for some commands I’m not able to introduce all the data required.
Do you have some solution for this problem?
Thank you very much.
Andrea Bulgarelli

Hi Andrea,

Indeed there is no access to the dialog window because it is moved outside of the screen.
The fix is now in cvs.

Thank you, Ilka