Problem with TPads and TBox


I am working with pyROOT (ROOT 6.07/03 and Python 2.7.10) and I am experiencing a weird problem. I have created my own class to draw objects on a TCanvas. I divide the canvas into two pads and after drawing my objects on both I want to draw a ROOT.TBox() on both.

The TBox is fully visible on the first pad. However, on the second pad only the edge lines are shown, not the filled area. To add more mystery, if I do not run ROOT in batch mode the TBox is fully visible in the window and in the png and eps formats, but not in pdf format.

Somewhere something goes wrong for ROOT but it feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Can anyone suggest a possible solution to this?


I have found the problem and fixed it. For future reference, the problem was related to the TBox Y1 and Y2 value. It appears it was out of range in second pad.