Problem with TLorentzVector

Dear rooter,
I’m facing a very strange and unexpected problem with TLorentzVector.
In attachement you find 3 that are very similar (I’ve just changed few line to explain the errors I get).

  1. works
  2. don’t work, but only because I commented a cout statement
  3. don’t work, but only because I use TLorentz vector to evaluate a diInvariantMass instead of doing it by hand
    For files 2. and 3. the error I get is:
    *** Break *** segmentation violation
    Root > Function cut_data_OHLT_VBF_2jets_Bad1,2() busy flag cleared

The rootpla I’m using can be found in
If you have problems to get it, let me know and we can find a better way to access it.
I hope you can help me in debbuggin the problem I was not able to solve.
Thank you,
for the attention,
Francesco Romeo (4.6 KB) (4.64 KB) (4.67 KB)


If you have not yet solved this problem, I recommend that you run your example compiled with ACLiC and then run via valgrind:valgrind root.exe -b -l -q
This should show the source of the problem