Problem with TGTextEntry

I’m having a problem typeing some characters into a TGTextEntry box. I’m running under 5.08/00. I have created a complex gui that uses a TGTextEntry box. The box comes up fine, but when I try to type the characters: “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”,"!" “@” or “$” nothing appears in the box. All other characters seem to enter ok (and I see them correctly when I get the string from the box).


Hi Glenn,

Can you reproduce the problem running $ROOTSYS/tutorials/guitest.C? Please specify in addition your platform. I hope your keyboard is a standard one (US qwerty).

Thank you, Ilka

Thanks for the help. I tried a few things, nothing major, fixed a few pointers and all of asudden it now works. So I guess it was some bug I introduced in my code. Again, Thanks for the help.