Problem with TGeoSphere and OPENGL viewer

I am using ROOT 3.03.05 on an x86 Linux box running Redhat 8.0 with
the OpenInventor GL viewer. I get some funny-looking results when
drawing a TGeoSphere if the starting value of theta is zero (the back side
of the solid looks hollow). I cannot easily test the built-in OPENGL viewer.
A short example is attached. Run as “.x sphere.cxx” from within ROOT.

sphere.cxx (623 Bytes)

Hi Gora,

There is no problem with your OpenGL viewer, it is just that unfortunatelly OGL viewing is not yet supported by TGeo package. Some picture is produced indeed but it is wrong (rotations/translations not taken into account + other problems). The idea was to provide first full 3D viewing using the existing x3d and to move to OGL when the corresponding interface will be more mature.
Meanwhile you can only use x3d or raytracing; see TGeoVolume::Raytrace() to produce TGeo pictures in solid mode. There is for sure a lot of extra work to be done related to TGeo visualization but unfortunatelly not so many developpers.
Please watch postings on ROOT Documentation these days since the Users Guide chapter related to TGeo is about to be released and you will find there more info about visualization.