Problem with simple macro: second act

Hi all,

You can forgot my two previous mail, because the problem is solved.
Looking at several post in the ROOT forum, i saw that we can do:
.L myfile.C+

And when i do this in ROOT it works ???

Why my macro works when i do .L myfile.c+ and why it does not work
with .L myfile.c ?
What is the difference ?

Cheers,  david.

wih “+” you compile your macro. It looks like you ran into a problem with Cint’s optimization & scoping algorithms. So compiling your macro would indeed be the workaround, until the new Cint version is in place that’s supposed to fix these issues.

Note, though, that you don’t need your vector x nor y - you can set the bin content in the loop in which you read your file.
Cheers, Axel.