Problem with shared library and dlopen?

I have built a small shared library of ROOT classes that make use of the ROOT SQL interface. They also use some iostream/sstream functions to build the sql query strings.

The library seems to compile perfectly fine, but when I try and load it, I get the following error:

dlopen error: /net/gamma3/srv/home/wamanda/DQMStudy/./ undefined symbol: __dso_handle
Load Error: Failed to load Dynamic link library /net/gamma3/srv/home/wamanda/DQMStudy/./
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this or how I can fix the problem?

The machine is running what I believe is a version of scientific Linux. The compiler is g++ (version 3.4.6). The ROOT version is 5.14.


Your library depends on other shared libs that should be loaded before libDQM.
Could you do
to see the list of dependencies?


Thanks—I managed to work out the problem with my paths and loading order, and it works fine now.