Problem with root

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I was trying to install root on my virtual machine, but when I type ./configure this message appears:

ROOT is built with CMake, see
Please run
mkdir obj; cd obj; cmake …; make -j 4

Can you help me?


you need to configure root with CMake.
For example, with this commands:

mkdir rootbuild
cd rootbuild
cmake ../path/to/root/sources


what is the path of the third line? What should I do?

Ciao Matteo,

the path is the path to the sources of ROOT which you checked out or downloaded.


I downloaded root ad unpacked it in my home (desktop). Then in the folder of root, i created the folder rootbuild and a folder called ROOT. I launched the command cmake …/ ROOT and then i launched the command make.
The root installation has started, but in the end there are some error screens. Where did I go wrong?


what errors exactly?



I didn’t make the error screens, I’m sorry. If you want, I reboot everything and i will make the screenshot. But is the procedure correct? or am I wrong? (before doing everything I installed the required additional packages)

EDIT: In the folder ROOT there are all the the file downloaded from the site

the screens:


what is your OS, compiler and root version?


It looks like the compilation process might have been killed due to lack of memory on your VM. Please try again with more RAM assigned to it, or in serial (i.e. with make -j1 for building). Alternatively, you can try using our binary distribution. If you are running a VM, I highly recommend to switch to using Fedora, and installing ROOT with yum or dnf. Cheers,

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