Problem with root Simulation

Hi everybody.
I have a problem with my c++ code. For a physics exam I have to create a simulation of p-p collision inside a cylindrical detector. In this code I use a Ttree to save my data simulation, the problem is the following: my code run very well but if I want to simulate more than 200k event it stops running and it exit from root without any type of warning and error.
Invece if I launch a small simulation, like a dozen of event a segmentation violation appears.
I don’t have any sort of problem when compile my code and if I hadn’t launched a big simulation I never became aware of this.
I use ROOT 6.14/04 version.
Thank you for the support


You can attach gdb to root.exe to see what happens. Or you share your code. It’s likely a memory leak.

Cheers, Axel

first of all thank you very much for your attention.
I can’t share my code because it is formed by 16 file (7 .cxx, 7 .h and 2 .C ) and I’m a new user so I have a limit of file that I can attach.
I don’t have gnp on my mac.


If you cannot share your code and you cannot debug it then I don’t know how to help… Do you have someone near you who maybe even knows this code, your supervisor or more experienced colleagues?