Problem with root on macOS big sur 11.1

5741c913-85c3-4b5d-84b1-98a07a5673c8 Hello MacRooters, I have now a problem with installation of root on my Mac (2020 version) with macOS Big Sur version 11.1. I installed it with macports, following the command on the cern site.
I wrote my program to create my plot and I’m sure it’s correct because I compiled it on a friend’s computer and it works perfectly. Everytime I compile it on my Mac root abruptly quits, and gives me this:
problemaroot.txt (66.8 KB)
Could anyone help me or suggest something to solve it?

Hi Alina,

Welcome to the ROOT forum!

You can start up ROOT just fine, right?

The error message seems to indicate that you are running out of stack memory. That’s likely different for macOS and Linux. It’s caused either by large variables allocated on the stack int arr[10000] rather than on the heap std::vector<int> arr. Or by a recursion level that’s very high, i.e. a couple of functions calling one another hundreds of times - but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Do you have large arrays on the stack? Can you move them to the heap?

Cheers, Axel.

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