Problem with root installation

Hello everyone,

I’m currently struggling with the installation of Root. I downloaded the source file and I compiled it following this guide:
with the exception of the last part where it asks to edit the .bashrc file with:

export ROOTSYS=/home/.....
export PATH=$ROOTSYS/bin:$PATH

where I instead used

alias root='source /home/...../bin/'

At first all worked: running $ root in every path would start the framework, but after closing the shell and trying again nothing would happen. I tried to run $ root again and even executing $ source in the installation directory no longer works…
There is no Root logo and the shell returns no errors.

How can I solve this problem?

ROOT Version: 6.18
Platform: Ubuntu 18.04 x64
Compiler: gcc7.4.0

alias myroot='source /home/…/bin/'

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