Problem with Root and Geant4

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Hi guys!!!
i’m learning how to run simulation into Geant4 but in my attempt, while bulding the application i got this error:

[  4%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/emphaticSim.dir/
In file included from /emph/app/ydeniz/EMPHATIC/DetectorSim/EMPHATICSim/
/emph/app/ydeniz/EMPHATIC/DetectorSim/EMPHATICSim/include/EMPHATICSimAnalysisManager.hh:6:19: fatal error: TTree.h: No such file or directory
 #include <TTree.h>

The cmake flags i’m using are:

cmake -DGeant4_DIR=.../lib64/  .../DetectorSim/EMPHATICSim  

I don’t know where it came from… I did not set up ROOT from source when installing it, and use the just binaries as suggested here instead (installation without make && cmake)

Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks for your time guys :slight_smile:

i just attache the cmakelist of my application for more reference.

ROOT Version: 6.22/02
Platform: SLF 7.8

Hi @DENIZ0499,
it seems that your application, EMPHATICSim, includes TTree.h in EMPHATICSimAnalysisManager.hh, but the compiler does not know where to find that header.

You can check whether or not the right -I include path flag is passed to the compiler by running a verbose build, e.g. with make VERBOSE=1.

Most probably, in the CMakeLists.txt corresponding to EMPHATICSimAnalysisManager.hh you need to add ${ROOT_INCLUDE_DIRS} as a target_include_directory (and make sure that ROOT is found during cmake configuration).

Geant4 does not seem to be in the picture.


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Hey @eguiraud, i really appreciate it. i modified the CMakeList as you suggest, Just changing ${ROOT_INCLUDE_DIRS} by /path/to/root/include. I overcome this issue the reason was that Root was not install a the default location. Now i’m facing something different :slight_smile:

Best, Yael

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