Problem with ROOT 5.19

Hi all!

I just upgraded to the current ROOT release (5.19). When I try to start my program, i get the following error message:

But the libs I bind are found, ldd on the program returns:

[quote]> ldd mexSaveRoot.mexglx => …/ (0xb78bd000) => …/ (0xb72ec000) => …/ (0xb7192000) => …/ (0xb6f4d000)


If I switch back to my old ROOT 5.16, everything works fine.

Any ideas? Thanks for your answers.
Kind regards. Johannes.


you need to link now also with the libMathCore library, add -lMathCore to yor linking options (or use root-config --libs).


Oh yes, thx.

These fast answers are very nice. I like this board :smiley: