Problem with root 4.02

I am trying to open the attached (neutrino_pc_us.root) file in root 4.03/04 and 4.02/00.

This is what I see in root 4.02/00 :

root[0]TFile f(“neutrino_pc_us.root”);
see attached file: err_4.02.00.txt

with root 4.03/04 , i dont see the error messages. I just see the scanned values. Can you tell me how should I change my root file so that it works with version 4.02/00.

                                                                   -thanks Debdatta.

err_4.02.00.txt (19.9 KB)
neutrino_pc_us.root (134 KB)


Your file has been created with ROOT 4.03/04 and you are trying to read it with an older version of ROOT 4.02/00. We try our best to preserve forward compatibility (what you require in your example) but we sometimes have to break it to improve the system (better support for bool data type in this case).

The consequences in your case is that you can not read the branch/leaf containing bool data. You should be able to read the other branches so if you are not interested in the bool value you can ignore the error messages.

If you need to read the bool value you need to either generate the file iwth ROOT 4.02/00 or to read it with ROOT 4.03/04.