Problem with R__unzip


I have a problem with R__unzip. I have a big file (1.7G) that is okay to open and I can draw anything I want from that file without problems, but when I use a funtion that reads some leafts from a tree in that file, I get after a while a lot of error messages of the style
R__unzip: error in header
Error in TBasket::ReadBasketBuffers:fNbytes = 31999, fKeylen = 63, fObjlen = 31936, noutot = 0, nout = 0, nin=2469471, nbuf=12741302

After this last error message (which repeats itself a hundred times), I get a segmentation fault. Is this problem caused by the size of the file, or is there an other problem that could cause this crash?
Btw I’m using root 3.05/05 compiled with gcc-2.95.2.


Sorry for that post, I solved the problem myself, I had some classes as leafs in that file and because it’s possible to draw these leafs without loading the corresponding library and without accessing the class, I thought it should work that way in the script, too. Well, I was mistaken and I fixed the error.
Thanks anyway for letting me post :wink: