Problem with passing color to histograms

Dear root experts,

I have a problem, which I’ve posted here, Problem with passing color to histograms but a proof expert thinks this is more a rooty problem.
Can you please help to resolve it?

Many thanks in advance.

When you draw an histogram which contains errors bars in its data structure and you want to see it as a bar chart you need to draw it with option HIST


Thanks for the reply, though I had already made this “great” discovery myself. Now I wonder what made to change the default behavior of root. Earlier I was plotting without using the “HIST” option in Draw() method and everything was fine.

The plotting behaviour has not changed: Histogram containing errors are drawn by default with error bars and to plot them as bar chart you need the option option HIST.

What changed is that some histograms which did not have errors data structure now do have some…

May be try :


also see: