Problem with Multi-page PDF Files

I am encountering a problem when I try to generate a PDF file with multiple pages using the ‘Plain’ style option. I am using root_v5.14.00e with gcc 4.1.1 on a machine running Fedora Core 6.

The error only seems to occur when I split a canvas into multiple subpads and leave some of the subpads blank. The first page looks fine but all subsequent pages have much of the background and the space between the pads filled with black. Although I originally encountered this problem when trying to use the ‘Plain’ style I found that I was able to reproduce it with a smaller subset of style options by calling:

gStyle->SetPadBorderMode(0); gStyle->SetCanvasBorderMode(0);
before generating the canvas. I have attached a short script which demonstrates the problem.

test.C (356 Bytes)

I wanted to clarify that the black background occurs in the output pdf file not in the interactive root canvas. I have attached a screenshot of how the pdf file appears when I open it in acrobat reader.