Problem with MarkerStyle and eps output


I am using ROOT 4.01/02 and getting some strange resuts on saving a canvas to an eps file.
The following code

{ TCanvas *canvas=new TCanvas("canvas","Plots",300,300); TH1F *h = new TH1F("h","",30,-3,3); h->FillRandom("gaus",1000); h->SetMarkerStyle(8); h->SetMarkerSize(1); h->Draw("e1"); canvas->SaveAs("htest.eps"); }

produces the result that is shown in the screenshot htest.png. The result that I get in the EPS file is shown in htest-eps.png. How can I get rid of those additional spaces around the

Thanks, Frank

In the CVS head we have optimized the size of markers in case of
small pads. Your example is now OK.