Problem with macOS after update Sonoma

Hi everyone! I’m trying to run ROOT after an update from macOS Sonoma, but I’m getting this error:

warning: missing submodule ‘’ [-Wincomplete-umbrella] #include
In file included from input_line_1:1:

In file included from /Applications/

In file included from /Applications/

/Applications/ error: ‘abi_tag’ v160006 missing in original declaration

_LIBCPP_HIDE_FROM_ABI constexpr byte operator| (byte __lhs, byte __rhs) noexcept

I already update homebrew and ROOT. I’m in a hurry, just finishing my master project:(

Thank you!! <3

Hi Ana,

No stress: this is a problems others had and it’s easily solvable.
The 6.28 branch as well as the 6.30.06 release work on macoOS 14 with the latest XCode. The issue was that Apple modified their C++ modules organisation in their C++ development environment.
I cannot comment about Homebrew though: we are very grateful to packagers for the great work they do for the community, but we do not manage that ROOT distribution channel.


Hey Danilo! Updating XCode fixed everything, now I can go back to work. Thank you a lot <3.

Have a nice day,

Ana :sunny:

Hi Ana,

Thanks for the follow up. Good luck with the master project!


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