Problem with libRIO and import ROOT

Hi! , I opened jupyter from my laptop using anaconda3, after importing ROOT, when I start a new .py document when importing ROOT and compiling I get the error: “The kernel appears to have died. It will restart automatically.”

Then I start python3 in my bash and when importing ROOT, I get the error: "Fatal in : cannot load library /home/diego/root/root-6.22.06-install/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN7TStringC1ERKNSt12experimental6__ROOT17basic_string_viewIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE "

What I can do?

I tried with: “source /home/user/root/root-6.22.06-install/bin/” and nothing happens

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I think @etejedor can help, but before that, can you tell how you installed ROOT, on which platform, and which compiler?

As @bellenot pointed out, this looks like a problem with your ROOT installation. Did you install ROOT with conda?

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