Problem with using root

Hi Rooters,

I have a bash script which basically compiles and runs in batch mode some methods in a macro called CreateHistogramFiles.C. Below is a part of the script which is important. When I try to execute this script giving the correct parameters, it keeps telling me that there is a missing library.

/afs/ error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

But, when I execute exactly the same commands as in the script, but inside ROOT interpreter, it works perfectly fine.

What I did is also run ldd on and looked for the liblzma and here is what I found: => /afs/ (0x00002b5573187000)

Can anyone help me with that ???


set SAMPLE = $argv[1]
set SAMPLETYPE = $argv[2]
set MERGED = $argv[3]
set LUMI = $argv[4]
set JSON = $argv[5]

if (${SAMPLETYPE} == “data”) then
root -b<<!
.L CreateHistogramFiles.C+

Hi Rooters,

I just would like to reiterate my question.
If anyone could provide help, that would be nice.

Thanks a lot.


Are you able to also test with v5.34? If not, can you provide a complete running example showing the issue?