Problem with

Dear root experts
I am using a program that is interfaced with root through

ROOTINCLUDE = -I$(shell /work/ws-tmp/gt044374-cmake/build/bin/root-config --incdir)
ROOTCFLAGS := $(shell /work/ws-tmp/gt044374-cmake/build/bin/root-config --ldflags)
ROOTGLIBS := $(shell /work/ws-tmp/gt044374-cmake/build/bin/root-config --glibs) -lGenVector

I establish contact with root through

source /work/ws-tmp/gt044374-cmake/build/bin/

however when the program (which uses root as pointed out above) is called I get

  • cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

any hints on how to solve the problem, I already tried different options such as testing different versions or even attempting to use binaries or constructing the entire thing from scratch but the result is the same. Any idea of what is happening?


I have no experience with library versioning (I’m working on Windows), but can you check that and are in ${ROOTSYS}/lib?

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