Problem with Layout Manager


sorry, but I have (probably silliy) question.
I have 3 Frames (which arrange themselfs inside with different Layout-Managers, but mostly TGTableLayout). Now I want to arrange them with the standard Layout-Manager in one row inside a horizontal Frame. But when i open the Window there are always parts of the 3 Frames ‘cut off’, because they arent arranged in the right way. But if I resize the Window with the mouse (even if its only a little bit), they arrange themselfs in the correct way.
Any Ideas how I can make them arrange correctly already when the window opens?

I know, i should post a running programm showing the problem, but at the moment i dont have the time for it. If you need it, just skip the question and maybe I can post one later on.

Thanks for the help!

Problem “solved” by manually resizing the frame. So post can be deleted.


You have to call something like this: YourFrame->MapSubwindows(); YourFrame->Layout();
Cheers, Bertrand.