Problem with installation/ running root

Hi everybody! I’m new to Root and have gotten a problem with the installation. I get this message as soon I try to run Root and i have no idea what the problem is.

I would appreciate all the help i can get.


the build/installation does not seem to be complete. How did you build/install root?



The way i did it was:

  1. downloaded and unpacked the source
  2. used mkdir mybuild
  3. used cmake inside the “mybuild”
  4. used make -j2
  5. used source
    After i had done this i tried running root and end up with the error message in the first post.
    However for some reason I am able to run Root version 5…


did you install ROOT5 via the ubuntu packaging system? If yes, could you remove it and retry?


I just got done with reinstalling everything, this time it worked!

Thanks for the help! cheers!

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