Problem with GUI and Root v4.02.00

Dear Rooters,

I’m using the HADES HistoAction GUI I found on the root website in the section HOWTO’s.
Since I put the root version v4.02.00 on my computer, I get different problems with this software.
The TGListBox where the histograms’ names are stored is no more updated correctly.
The function RemoveEntries which is used to clear the listbox, doesn’t seem to work properly anymore.
Could you tell me what I have to do to make this software compatible with the new root versions?
Is there already a new GUI software that has been implemented?

Thank you very much,
Best regards,
Claudine Colnard.

could you send an example?
What is platform?

Thanks. Regards. Valeriy

Dear Valeriy,

I’m running the HADES GUI software on Redhat 7.3 , with the compiler gcc-3.3.3.
This is the software given in “Hints for a graphical interface for HADES data analysis”, as an exemple on “How to Use the Root GUI classes”, in the section HOWTO’s.

I have some problems with the TBListBox which is used in this program since I changed my Root version from v4.00.06a to v4.02.00.

The following command doesn’t clear the TGListBox anymore:
where totalA is an integer.
There are others problems, all with the object TGListBox.
So, I was wondering if there is a new way to use this class. If I need to use a function like Update(), or something similar.

Thank you very much,
Best regards,

Thank you very much,

Hi Claudine,

  1. I see fListBoxA->RemoveEntries(0,totalA);
    removes entries (v4.02.00 )

  2. there was some problem with highliting
    which was fixed recently. Move to a newer

  3. to force of redrawing you can use

  • gClient->NeedRedraw(fMyWindow)
  • or simply fMyWindow->Resize()

Regards. Valeriy

Thank you very much for your help,
I’m going to try this.

Best regards,