Problem with GetConfidenceIntervals


I try to get confidence intervals after a fit. It works fine using the method
TFitter::GetConfidenceIntervals(TObject *obj, Double_t cl)
but I have trouble using the method
TFitter::GetConfidenceIntervals(Int_t n, Int_t ndim, const Double_t *x, Double_t *ci, Double_t cl)
since root crashes with a segmentation violation.

The attached scripts demonstrates the problem.
I’m using 5.17/02 on Fedora 5.

Thanks for help,
foo.C (635 Bytes)

Hello Jochen,

your script has a C++ syntax error, replace the line:

code->GetConfidenceIntervals->(N, 1, &xx[0], &ci[0], 0.68);


(TVirtualFitter::GetFitter())->GetConfidenceIntervals(N, 1, &xx[0], &ci[0], 0.68);

In general, I would reccomend to try running first the script in compiled mode with ACliC (.x foo.C+), to detect any possible C++ syntax error.

Best Regards


Hi Lorenzo,

Well, it’s embarrassing this kind of stupid mistakes. I guess it was too late when I wrote this. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out.