Problem with Geant3 installation

Hi. I’m trying to compile and install Geant3, and I want to use it with ROOT. I’ve downloaded the Geant3 files into home/AliRoot/ALICE/geant3. When I try to make, the compilation starts, but after a while, the following error message appears:

In file included from TGeant3/G3GeometryGUI.cxx:38:
TGeant3/G3GuiGeomMain.h: In copy constructor G3GuiGeomMain::G3GuiGeomMain(const G3GuiGeomMain&)': /usr/local/include/root/TGFrame.h:518: error:TGMainFrame::TGMainFrame(const TGMainFrame&)’ is private
TGeant3/G3GuiGeomMain.h:86: error: within this context
make: *** [tgt_linux/TGeant3/G3GeometryGUI.o] Error 1

I’m sorry if this is posted at the wrong section/forum. Please redirect me if so! Thanks for all help. :slight_smile:

  • Cheers, Simen.

Never mind, the source code was outdated. :slight_smile: