Problem with functioning of ROOT


I am experiencing problems with ROOT. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

When I open ROOT, the ROOT logo pops-out and the message says the following:

input_line_1:1:10: fatal error: file ‘/usr/include/c++/5/new’ modified since it was first processed

| Welcome to ROOT 6.06/06 |
| © 1995-2016, The ROOT Team |
| Built for linux |
| From heads/v6-06-00-patches@v6-06-04-66-gb9c1d82, Jul 06 2016, 18:28:55 |
| Try ‘.help’, ‘.demo’, ‘.license’, ‘.credits’, ‘.quit’/’.q’ |


it seems that you upgraded your compiler since you built for the first time root. Can you try and rebuild?



Do you mean I should rebuild the compiler? I found this on the web:

Is this the way you want me to follow or, something else? Please let me know.


You should rebuild ROOT. You probably built July 2016; you have probably upgraded your compiler since. Note that this error should not show up anymore in the current master or v6.08.


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If I understand correctly, you are suggesting me to uninstall my current ROOT version (v6.06) and re-install ROOT with (v6.08) ?

I’m glad to hear this. This was a major headache for me. Thanks!

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