Problem with finding macros - LITRANI

Hello, while trying to learn Litrani with pre-made macros I came across an error:

Error in TApplication::ExecuteFile: macro Transm1.C not found in path .:/usr/local/macros:

I installed the files in the folder but root still doesn’t want to execute them. How do I change macros path or how do I tell it that the files are there?


What ‘lead’ to this error message? What is Trasm1.C?


Trasm1.C is an example cint macro for litrani. It’s said that in order to learn litrani i should learn litrani with few examples that came with the program.


To add a directory to the default list of directory searched by ROOT, you should create a .rootrc file with [code]# Path used to find macros.

Paths are different for Unix and Windows. The example shows the defaults

for all ROOT applications for either Unix or Windows.

Unix..Root.MacroPath: .:$(ROOTSYS)/macros:
.Root.MacroPath: .;$(ROOTSYS)/macros;[/code]where you replace $(ROOTSYS) with /usr/local in your case and add the other directory you need.

Alternatively you can call the marco using a path (either relative or absolute).


Had the same proble, but it was my mistake, plz, delete it.