Problem with DISPLAY setting on Mac OS X 10.9


Recently, I encountered a problem while running ROOT on a newly upgraded Mac OS X 10.9 system.
I built it from source files as follows:

1) Fully update to latest XCode and XQuartz for Mac OS X 10.9 Maverick

2) install ROOT with GIT:
| terminal\> git clone root.git
| terminal\> cd root.git
| terminal\> git checkout -t origin/v5-34-00-patches
| terminal\> ./configure
| terminal\> make

3) to run ROOT:
| terminal\> source ./bin/
| terminal\> root

But I ended up with such errors:

root: can't figure out DISPLAY, set it manually In case you run a remote ssh session, restart your ssh session with: =========> ssh -Y
I tried to force the DISPLAY env to be reset as XQuartz:
export DISPLAY=/opt/X11/bin/XQuartz
but again it doesn’t work:

Error in <TGClient::TGClient>: can't open display "/opt/X11/bin/XQuartz", switching to batch mode... In case you run from a remote ssh session, reconnect with ssh -Y

Any solution? Many thanks.


From this link:

I found some easy things to try: did you log out and in again after installing XQuartz? Do any of your .profile/bashrc type files set DISPLAY? What happens if you switch to a new shell, is DISPLAY set properly there?