Problem with code generated by MakeClass


I created a heather file and .C file with MakeClass from an ntuple (see attached files). The problem is that I cannot add an extra function to what MakeClass provided me. I get a segmentation violation when loading the code in the interpreter. Then, I tried to create a global function (MassCollinearCore in the heather file) but there is still a segmentation violation (with not much information).

How can I do to get this function in my environment.

I’m using the interpreter of root 6.04/16.

Many thanks in advance, Pilar___
ROOT Version: 6.04/16
Platform: Tier3 machines at pic, Barcelona
WeightAnalysis_Res__ntuple.C (5.4 KB)
WeightAnalysis_Res__ntuple.h (11.4 KB)
Compiler: 6.04.16-x86_64-slc6-gcc49-opt

ROOT 6.04/16 is very old. You should try the newest version.

In the “WeightAnalysis_Res__ntuple.h” file, add:

#include "TLorentzVector.h"
#include <iostream>

In the “WeightAnalysis_Res__ntuple.C” file, you must define the type of the “resultMass”:

bool resultMass = MassCollinearCore(...);

Then you should try to precompile your code using ACLiC (this will let the compiler find the remaining problems):

root [0] .L WeightAnalysis_Res__ntuple.C++

In particular, it complains that “met_HPTO” (in line 140) and “met” (in line 136) may be used uninitialized.

Many thanks!!! Pilar

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