Problem with a macro file

Hello everyone.

I’m having some problems with an example of a macro file I got at . When I try to run the macro file, the following errors appear:

/home/oscar/Downloads/root-6.14.02/obj/macros/Histogram.C:87:2: error: unknown type name ‘ratioplot’
/home/oscar/Downloads/root-6.14.02/obj/macros/Histogram.C:87:11: error: cannot use dot operator on a type

I do not understand what is the issue here. I would appreciate any help or resource that can aid me to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Please explain how you tried to run the file.
It sounds like you want to run ratioplot.C, but the error message says you actually ran a file named Histogram.C
Threrefore: What exactly are you attempting?

Thank you for your time. It seems to be that what you said was the whole problem. Once again thank you very much, I am quite new and unfamiliar with ROOT.

No problem, you are welcome.
The forum was made to ask all kinds of questions.

Note that you are trying to use an old ROOT 5 “ratioplot” tutorial. I think you should try the new ROOT 6 tutorials (there are 7 “ratioplot” related ones).