Problem whith ROOT on UBUNTU

I wanted to install ROOT on UBUNTU, at the end of the installation I saw the logo of Root and a question I did not remember was asked me. I answered by yes. my screen darkened and lucked up. I have to extinguish the computer by disconnecting it of the electrical current. for this day I have not arrived any more at launching ubuntu. Each time it launches it luck up at one moment the screen darkens and does not answer any key any more. Did somebody have a similar problem? How to solve such a problem?


That’s one weird problem you have on your hands there.

Some questions/suggestions/comments:

[ul]How did you install ROOT? From source? From binary tar-ball? From DEB packages?[/ul]
[ul]Which version of Ubuntu are you using?[/ul]
[ul]Most often, when the screen goes black and the computer does not respond to key-presses, it’s because there’s a buggy video card driver, or a buggy application. What kind of video card do you have? And what driver do you use? Are you running Compiz?[/ul]
[ul]The Debian GNU/Linux packages does not launch ROOT on it’s own. The root-system-rootd or root-system-xrootd packages does start the file server (but only one of them, unless you configure them properly). The PROOF server will only be started when you have configured it.[/ul]
[ul]Exactly how far can you get? Does the machine boot up fully into X? if not, try to boot to run-level 2 or so, then try to launch ROOT w/o X running. Can you log-in? If not, can you log-in as a different user? Can you run ROOT as a different user? Can you switch to a virtual terminal? If so, can you run ROOT from there? [/ul]
[ul]If the machine is fully up, can you SSH to it? And can you run ROOT over SSH?[/ul]
[ul]Have you checked the syslog? If there’s any errors there, what are they? Have you checked you ~/.xsession-errors? What does that say?[/ul]
[ul]Are you sure you have the proper libraries installed? Have you cleaned out older ROOT installations prior to installation?[/ul]
[ul]Perhaps you should check your RAM too. Get the Ubuntu live-cd out, and boot with memprobe. A bad RAM block could cause these kinds of problems too. Also make sure that your BIOS is up to date.[/ul]
[ul]If you cannot boot up, I suggest you take out your harddisk, put it in another machine (as a second hard-disk) boot up that machine, chroot into your hard-disk, and start cleaning up (making proper back-ups as you go along).[/ul]

Your problem is very strange, and I’ve never heard of anything like that. I’m afraid you’re in for some heavy debugging.

Note, I’ve been running the ROOT Debian GNU/Linux packages on many weird machines lately, and I’ve never seen that problem.


Thank you Chistian,

very weird and very difficult problem I have on my hands. so difficult that I risk losing numerous files and jobs stocked in my computer

I downloaded the ROOT pro version in 5.16/00 ; the binaries tar-ball.

My UBUNTU version is the 5.10 (Breezy Badger) some old version.

My video card driver is NVIDIA NV5M64[RIVA TNT2 model 64pro]
the video card’s bus is PCI:1:0:0

It is not possible to boot up.
when I put on the computer, after Grub, the logo of UBUNTU appear and stay at that position for a long moment and then the screen goes black with only the cursor which twinkles .

I try to use the live CD of UBUNTU 6.06 : start in normal mode the behaviour of the machine was the same. but start in safe graphics mode this walked. And with the " dpkg-reconfigure " I tried to configure my X unsuccessfully.

I will try your last advice, taking out my harddisk and put it in another machine. I will tell you the answer as soon as possible.

have a good day !