Problem when making debian package - roofit's hist2workspace


I’m trying to build root-5.29.01 (current trunk version on the svn) into debian package.
At first, I have same error with this:
This was sloved by changing #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash.

In the second, “No such file or directory” error related to “ftgl” libraries.
It was sloved when I change “–disable-builtin-ftgl” option to “–enable-builtin-ftgl”

Now I got below new error messages.

h_install -s							\
		--list-missing						\
		--sourcedir=debian/tmp					\
		-X/usr/include/root/config.h			\
		-X/usr/include/root/rootcint.pri			\
		-X/usr/include/root/rootcintrule.pri		\
		-X/usr/include/root/rootlibs.pri			\
		-X/usr/include/root/precompile.h			\
		-X/usr/include/root/precompile.h.gch		\
		-X/usr/include/root/			\
		-X/usr/share/root/fonts				\
		-X/usr/share/doc/root				\
		-X/usr/share/man/man1/system.rootdaemonrc.1	\
		-X/usr/share/man/man1/xproofd.1			\
		-X/usr/bin/				\
		-X/usr/bin/thisroot.csh				\
		-X/usr/share/root/icons/				\
		-X/etc/root/rootd				\
		-X/etc/root/daemons/				\
		-X/etc/root/proof/				\
		-X/etc/root/html				\
		-X/etc/root/RadioNuclides.txt			\
		-X/etc/root/gdb-backtrace-script		\
		-X/etc/root/			\
		-X/etc/root/hostcert.conf			\
		-X/etc/root/pdg_table.txt			\
		-X/etc/root/root.mimes				\
		-X/etc/root/system.rootrc			\
		-X/etc/root/system.rootauthrc			\
		-X/etc/root/system.rootdaemonrc		\
		-X/usr/lib/root/5.29/libAfterImage.a		\
		-X/usr/lib/root/5.29/PyCintex.pyc		\
		-X/usr/lib/root/5.29/PyCintex.pyo		\
		-X/usr/lib/root/5.29/ROOT.pyc			\
dh_install: Compatibility levels before 5 are deprecated.
cp: cannot stat `debian/tmp//usr/bin/hist2workspace': No such file or directory.
dh_install: cp -a debian/tmp//usr/bin/hist2workspace debian/libroot-roofit5.29///usr/bin/ returned exit code 1
make[1]: *** [install-arch] error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/data/download/root-5.29.01'
dpkg-buildpackage: error: fakeroot debian/rules binary gave error exit status 2
make: *** [debian] error 2

And this code is the part of the config.log :


Is there anything wrong in the configuration? I cannot find what is the trouble maker.

I was having many problems with “dash” (on different occasions), too. #-o
Finally, I decided to change the default “/bin/sh” shell … from “/bin/dash” to “/bin/bash”. 8-[

sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash

“Install dash as /bin/sh?” <-- choose “”

A pitiful case, am I not?
Pepe Le Pew.

Thanks for reply to this topic.

I have same problem even I changed shell to bash though.
For this “hist2workspace” error, I guess it comes from configuration or other packages that related to config options…

Hi, I have the same problem with when making debian package.
According to the debian/changelog we should not try to compile the built-in one:

[quote] – Christian Holm Christensen Tue, 06 Nov 2007 14:17:06 +0000

root-system (5.17.05-3) unstable; urgency=low

  • Do not try to make libFTGL nor put it in the libRGL.rootmap file,
    since we use the system libftgl_pic.a to link in the functionality.[/quote]

The standard build runs well with the system library anyway, so debian package could perhaps too. Still I do not know how to get a rid of this error :frowning: