Problem when installing root-6.18.04 in Mac

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to install root-6.18.04 in a mac0S 10.10.5. However, after extracting the files using the command

tar xfzv root_v6.18.04.source.tar.gz

I attempt to run the following:

./configure --all

from that I get the following message:

  ROOT is built with CMake, see
  Please run
      mkdir obj; cd obj; cmake ..; make -j 4

when I do so, the installation fails, yielding the folowing message:

[ 73%] Built target LLVMX86CodeGen
make: *** [all] Error 2

Am I missing something here? I got the source from ROOT’s official page. Also, I’m assuming the binaries available for OsX 10.13 wont work in my computer, is that so?

Thanks in advance.

You said in another message that this is already solved, isn’t it?

Yes, it it solved.